In the mid 1980’s several visionary professionals at agencies serving mentally and physically challenged people recognized the need to partner together for creating job growth in their rehabilitative employment programs.  These men and women were responsible for selling the items produced and contract services performed as part of their agency’s employment programs.  By working together and combining resources they could create greater work opportunities for the people they served.

Professional organizations existed to support the various programs that not-for-profit agencies were providing, but there wasn’t much help available from them to grow employment for people with disabilities.  So, a small band of business development professionals for several agencies started their own organization.  In 1987 they incorporated The Rehabilitation Workshop Marketing Association (RWMA).  In the following spring The Association’s certificate of incorporation, and Not-For-Profit 501(c) (3) status was approved in New York State.  From then on the Association would operate as a platform for rehabilitative agencies to network, and collectively advance employment for people with disabilities.

In 1999 to keep up with the times, and broaden its scope of membership the Association updated it’s name to The Association for Rehabilitation Marketing (ARM).  After 25 years ARM continues to help advance employment for people with disabilities, and enrich the programs of its member agencies.  By working together ARM member agencies provide the best employment opportunities in the industry for the people they serve.