ARM Member agencies form a network of professionals that share ideas, information, work opportunities, and resources to advance employment for people with disabilities.  Primarily adults with developmental disabilities are the focus.

For professionals involved in Pre-Vocational, Extended Employment, Supported Employment programs or similar at not-for-profit rehabilitative agencies…Membership has its benefits.

  • Industry Information
    • News & Reports
  • Business & Professional Development Activities
    • Conferences
    • Regional Summits
    • Community and Corporate activities
    • “Exchange”…an ARM website feature to find and list resources including products, services, equipment, and also work opportunities.
  • Marketing Opportunities
    • Website and Newsletter features to advertise your products/ services.          
  • Networking
    • Event, social media, and ARM website features to make connections in the industry.

For professionals involved in organizations that advocate, broker, or otherwise contribute to employment for people with disabilities…Supporting ARM has its benefits.

  • Member Directory
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Networking
  • Events
For people with disabilities and others interested in rehabilitative programs …Supporting ARM has its benefits.